Yakitori - Turmeric Chicken Liver

Yakitori - Turmeric Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is nature’s multi-vitamin, with each bite, your pet will enjoy the many nutritional benefits including protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron, and much more.


Key Benefits: 

  • Increase your pet’s energy level
  • Improve brain function and digestion
  • Ensure their skin and coat stays healthy
  • Fantastic source of omega-3 and has been shown to improve vision
  • Help with canine blood deficiencies
  • Aid in gut bacterial infections
  • Relieve pain and symptoms of arthritis
  • Improve joint health
  • Improve heart and circulatory function
  • Enhance the overall function of the pancreas, spleen, and liver
  • Relieve skin problems
  • Ingredients

    Chicken Liver, Turmeric

  • Sizes

    S: 20g

    L: 40g

  • Storage

    Store in a cool and dry place / fridge. Consume within 2 weeks after opening.

  • Feeding Instructions

    This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Always supervise your furbabies when feeding any treats or chews.