Pawty Pupcake

Pawty Pupcake

Planning for a pawty? Our customized pupcakes are pawfect for every occasions! Made with wholesome ingredients that are healthy for pets. You can choose your pet’s desired protein as the cake base.

Our cake comes with customized goat milk cookies, barkday tag and candle. Enter your pet's name and age at the custom section. 

  • Packaging

    Comes with an elegant cupcake box. Includes a birthday tag and candle

  • Ingredients

    Chicken Breasts / Turkey Breasts (+$20) / Hoki Fish (+$30) / White Prawns (+$40), Beef (+$50) / Lamb (+$50) / Crocodile (+$60), Squash, Potatoes, Greek Yogurt, Vegetable Powder (for coloring)

  • Storage

    Please store in the fridge and consume within 3 days

  • Delivery

    MTR Pickup (HK Island Blue Line, Kowloon Red Line)

    Please WhatsApp us at +852 61024544 for pickup details

  • Price

    $255 - Box of 6 (Minimum Order)

    $50 - Per One (Extra Box)